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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First Look:
(On Ellen) Luvs Boutique top / Shop Super Colour skirt / Daddy Long Leg sunnies / Top Shop boots(On me) Luvs Boutique top / H&M skirt / Steve Madden boots / Dolls Kill choker / Jawny's sunnies
Second Look:
 Dimepiece dashikis
Photos by Jawny (@Jwny)

Before I used Instagram, I never would have thought that I'd meet people online. I met Ellen a few months ago. We were following each other on ig and constantly commenting/liking each other's photos. I was obsessed with her whole style. She's got this "I'm a bad bitch" look to her, haha. A look that I have aimed to portray on multiple occasions in the past, but have never succeeded. Maybe it's her dark eye make up. Or her long dark hair. Or her clothes. Whatever it is, she's rad. Anyway, we swapped numbers via email and decided to have lunch together one day. From that day forward, we were attending more industry events together and ended up shooting together a few times! Now we are ig bffs ya know. Haha, ok but seriously. I feel like we instantly clicked. It's like we had this virtual insta-connection. She's probably reading this thinking I'm a weirdo. Nonetheless, she's super fun to be around and she laughs at my jokes, so she's cool in my books. What's also cool is, we keep getting the same sponsors and collaborating opportunities! It's been so nice to have a girlfriend through this blogging experience who can really relate to what I'm doing/going through. I'm so glad we decided to meet up in person and I can't wait until she starts her blog! Here are some photos from our first collab shot by her friend Jawny. We put these outfits together from things Jawny had and things we brought of our own. This shoot was so fun. We did four looks that day and had to rush back because I had work. I love how Jawny edits his photos. The colors are so vibrant and outrageous and you can just tell that they were done by him. I love when photographers are able to develop their own style and people can recognize it's their work. Check out their Instagrams in the links above!

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